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And When The Sky has Opened CD


SEROCS - And When The Sky Was Opened

"Multi-National death metal wizards Serocs are back! ‘And When the Sky Was Opened’ is a technical opus that explores the psychology of war and what world conflicts do to the human mind, both as an invader and as the invaded. Following the positive feedback from their previous album, ‘The Next’, Serocs has perfected those elements to create controlled chaos. Not only is ‘And When the Sky Was Opened’ bound together by lyrical concepts, the album features a cohesive musical theme that sees all eight tracks coalesce to create a singular aural experience. Described by the band as a much more varied experience than its predecessors, the album is a double-edged sword that features some of Serocs’ most technical and brutal material alongside their slowest and most crushing sections to date. ‘And When the Sky Was Opened’ was mixed by Neil Kernon (Nile), mastered by Alan Douches and features current and past members of Chthe'ilist, Capharnaum, Vile, Monstrosity, Aeon & Sotajumala.

For fans of : Cryptopsy, Spawn Of Possession, Severed Savior, Iniquity, Nile, Wormed & Gorguts

Manufacturer/Label: Comatose Music
Original Release Date: November 21st 2015
Genre : Brutal Technical Death Metal

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