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We are a punk/metal crossover band with our Roots set in Hardcore. Established way back in 1982 and now have been together for over 23 years. We have about 10 CD's & 2 DVD's out on various labels and are considered to be one of the forefathers of speed metal and thrash punk music. We started out in Texas and moved to the Bay Area cause we heard the SF area had free food at the soup kitchens (from which the classic tune was written!!!!!) When we started. our influences were bands like Black Flag and the Dead Kennedy's. In 1982 our first release, which was really a demo, the 22 song 7" ep, kick started our carear as a fomidable hardcore band. 22 songs in 17 minutes. Blistering fast, with on the dime cuts, and vocals to match. Said to contain the first grindcore blast ever recorded (No Sense). This record was later pressed into an LP, and was considered to be our first official release even though it was only 17 minutes. The 22 song debut eventually was combined with our second release, 1984's Violent Pacification ep, and came out on CD in the mid eighties, when that technology reached indie lables. In 1985 we started to listen to bands like Metalicca & Slayer. Our second full length release Dealing with It, showed a progression to the metal side of the music genre. This album also was said to make an impact, and helped start the crossover movement. "We fused togther our influences, and shoved into the DRI mold, Dealing With It is what came out". DRI went on mixing its own brand of punk metal releasing: Crossover, Four of a Kind, Thrash Zone, Definition, a live album recorded in 1992, before releasing Full Speed Ahead in 1996 our last new music release. We have been re-issuing our old catalog with bonus tracks for the new Millennium. We also got a bunch of Live DVD's in the works, starting with the 1984 CBGB's live DVD that came out in 2005. The band currently consists of original core members and song writing team, Spike Cassidy (guitar) and Kurt Brecht (vocals). Along with now longtime members Rob Rampy (drums) and Harald O.(bass). Rob first appears on the 1992 Definition Release. Harald is known for his photographs of Metallica & Slayer way back in the day. We are that band with the skanker in the circle. You know, the running man. The mosher. The one thats on your parents old t-shirts. We apeared on a Beavis & Butthead episode. We also held the Guiness Book record for fastest band in the world, back in the day. We played with just about every major band you can name, and most festivals in our travels around the world for over two deacdes. We now have over 120 DRI songs under our belt, and still play about 35 or so when we play a live./ Some Popular Songs: I dont Need Society, Commuter Man, Violent Pacification, Argument then War, Id Rather Be Sleeping, Nursing Home Blues, Five Year Plan, Suit & Tie Guy, Beneath the Wheel, Abduction, Acid Rain, Syringes in the Sanbox. D.R.I. still tours all over the world and have been working on new material : "We have had trouble writing new stuff cos we are all spread out across the U.S. and that makes it kinda hard to practice".