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Hailing from Montreal, QC, BornBroken is aggressive music for critical masses. They are a band that thrives on fury at the injustices of the world we are living in and now is the right time for their righteous rage, it feeds their creative furnace! Metal lifers; they give their music and fans 100%; their anger is authentic, yet it is not mindless anger, their intentions are for change for the good. A new world is what they wish to build, better than the old edifice that crumbles around us, a world of equality and justice for all! “Music is our mistress, our life. It has brought us back from the brink of death after leading us there. Playing music with this band has given our days a purpose and our nights a reason. BornBroken is a name we can all relate to, as we struggle to accept the world around us. Even more today as it seems we are set out on a path to fail before we have a chance to learn who we are.” says guitarist Mike Decker. Following up their well-received 2013 debut album ‘The Healing Powers of Hate’ (named Revolver Mag Album of The Week, plus conquering the Canadian Radio Loud Charts at #10 for July 2013 and #17 for June 2013), they return in 2018 with a 40 minute freight-train on “The Years of Harsh Truths and Little Lies”. The new album features a refreshed line up that includes vocalist Pepe Peloquin (Endast), drummer Samuel Santiago (Gorod, First Fragment) along with bassist Red Voizard to join founding members and guitarists Mike Decker and Simon Sivard. The ten track assault is heavier and angrier plus even includes special guest vocals from Slaves On Dope’s Jason Rockman on “Fight”. Decker explains: “We felt the need to go 7 string and tune to (Drop G) for this latest batch of songs, it seemed fitting for the way the band was leaning towards. We keep the same writing style, writing what we want, when we want. First writing for ourselves and then molding into more standard song frame, so people can get the hook of the song, and make it a memorable sound to them.” Live, BornBroken unleash their inner fury, which has strongly shown on the Montreal metal scene as they have supported bands like The Agonist, Sid Wilson (Slipknot), Augury, Anonymus, Dopethrone and many more. “I do not know how we could have gotten angrier since the last album, but we did! We come out, always, no holds barred and give it everything we got! The fans pay money to see us play and we appreciate this. They deserve everything! We also have a lot built up inside us that we need to get out and what better way than tearing up the stage!” BornBroken’s sophomore album “The Years of Hard Truths And Little Lies” is due out May 18th, 2018. (Bio written by Steve Earles)