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The aim was to keep it simple: a power trio with good songs. They wanted to play the slow melodic, but scream and thrash with detuned guitars- nothing wrong with that sweet Sonic Youth. They wanted to be less about the theatrics and hair cuts and more about the blood sweat and tears. A variety of styles would be employed. Disillusioned with the way others would welcome particular pigeonholes, they needed to express every aspect of their existence - whisper and scream in all the ways they saw fit. The lives of three skater souls became entwined following a chance meeting beside the famous tea clipper-the Cutty Sark. As the original drummer made a swift exit North, Gavin and Mark were to be joined by kindred spirit Daniel and the true incarnation of William was born. They began by building on songs Gavin had already written, but were soon collaborating to form their own twisted Artrock cacophony. Originally two electric guitars and drums, the low frequencies of the bass were soon called upon to tie the percussive clatter to the melodic treble. A low-slung epiphany ensued, as both Gavin and Mark began writing songs with the different instruments in hand. Live sets bear witness to a democratic sharing of bass duties, adding a unique dynamic to their small unit while keeping the demons of boredom at bay. William is not a fascist regime. Each member pulls their weight in a different but equally significant manner. Daniel uses his ferocious arms to pound the skins with a force that belies his slender form and unnerving tranquillity. Mark jumps and stamps out of time with excitement, often driven to frenzy when songs crest and peak. Gavin is the glue that binds, pushing each song to its euphoric end, his voice transcending the mundane. Some nay-sayers don't like their name, apparently too simple and banal, but William is not about the glitz and glamour- this is real, heartfelt, whether shout or croon. Numbering just three, they sound like an army.