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"Jon Mikl THOR" is an enduring icon of rock and metal, and one of the true originators of rock theatre. Jon Mikl THOR is likened to THOR, the Nordic God Of Thunder,Son Of Odin and Frigge, Brother of Balder and benefactor of mankind. Scholars have argued the significannce of THOR's Hammer and likened it to the magical sword exalibur from ancient saxon legend King Authur. Legend has it that THOR, The Hurler, The Thunderer could wield his mighty hammer and cause heavy storms. He generated fiery lightning and furiously loud thunder that could shake the earth and make Cyclones look calm. The real life THOR who plays a thunderous brand of music draws similarities to where historians could report findings of parallel roles of mythology and music. He who walks the earth....Jon Mikl THOR.It was 30 years ago that THOR's enviable career got off the ground when he released the most unique album in Rock History with "Keep The Dogs Away". With his appearance on the Merv Griffin Show in 1976 and then Keep The Dogs Away, he has maintained a steady pace ever since, selling hundreds of thousands of records. Over the last 4 decades, THOR has spawned a barrage of albums,movies and World Tours. Starting out in Vancouver, THOR first made waves in the bodybuilding world, becoming Mr. Canada and Mr. USA, always using heavy music as an intensive training tool. He blended his powerful physique with powerful rock, and thus began this amazing cult legend's long reign in the hazy area between superstardom and the dark underground. Along the way he has become a movie actor and producer, turning out collectible classics like Rock & Roll Nightmare, Zombie Nightmare, Graveyard, and others. Most recently, THOR recently starred in USA Network movie Murder At The Presidio,The Intercessor, Life time Network's "A Family Lost" and will be starring in the upcoming movie to be released in 2010, THOR-The Legend. And even more movie news will be released soon. (Keep checking for updates). THOR is still an immensely powerful man in incredible shape and a dedicated performer. Blowing up hot water bottles, bending steel, and having cinder blocks broken over his chest are all in a night's work. THOR has successfully managed to re-invent himself once again. The legions of fans are still there and new generations are finding out for themselves that THOR is just as cool now as he ever was in 1978, 1985, or 2008. THOR was voted one of the Greatest 100 Frontmen of All Time in the July, 2004 edition of the UK's Classic Rock Magazine - a list compiled by polling professional Rock journalists. THOR'S Steve Price was featured in Metal Mania and Enfeer Rock Scene and more. The 1980's Line up said to be the most famous featured Steve Price Guitar Keith Zazzi Bass and Mike Favata Drums. They went on from 1981- 1986 with albums Only the Strong, Live In Detroit and Recruits Wild in the Streets and the Thor dvd Anthorlogy,Thor Live in London also the video Breakin Metal. A new album, THOR Into The Noise already out now. This is Metal the way Metal SHOULD be - tapping into and channeling the very heart & soul of the genre! It's extremely catchy and addictive, with a timeless quality that will make it just as fresh decades from now as it will be on its release. Not one to rest on laurels THOR has been releasing successfull album after succesful album in the modern era. Recently: Ride Of The Chariots, Thunderstruck-Tales From The Equinox, Triumphant, Beastwomen, Mutant, Thor Against The World, Devastation Of Musculation,Into The Noise and now BACK TOGETHER AGAIN THOR AND GUITARIST STEVE PRICE FOR THE CD RELEASE "STEAM CLOCK".