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Le Grand Manège CD


The primary cries of Marionet-X, during the heat wave of 99, suggested that boiling speeches and tempestuous music would become the character of this French band with committed words. Vincent Marois (vocals), Martin Jean (vocals and guitar), Hans Longtin (bass) and Pier-Luc Marois (drums), won the 2000 edition of Envol et Macadam and published in December of that same year , their first eponymous album, still considered today as a classic one of their classics. Influenced by Mass Hysteria, Biohazard and Kataklysm, who are 3 of the many groups of which they were the first part, the members of Marionet-X delivers, with efficiency and balance, a social comment full of furious energy. At the crossroads of trash and nu-metal, they retain only the best: while the guitar and the bass rock, in the audience, heavy and textured riffs, the drums hammer a powerful rhythm and the singer thumps the language hung from texts more inflamed than dark. The result is a biting whole, skillfully dosed.

Lyrics Language : French

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