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Lost Creation

Lost Creation is a Montreal-based metal band who combines energy and brutality.Halfway between Hardcore and deathcore with a touch of Djent,what started as a 5 piece band mainly composed of friends in early 2012 really saw things going in 2013 and 2014 supporting many acts who would come to Montreal. With Legion as a single who would hit 16 000 views in under 3 weeks on Youtube, the band was eager to hit the road to play wherever they could. With a change in vocalist in late 2014, the band would be finally ready to record their first EP showing the world what they could do.With the release of Enemy, the band’s first extended play and their first official release. The band’s future plan is touring in as many towns as possible pushing hard to not only tour in Canada but in as many countries possible. As far as we know... Enemy was only the beginning.