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Hawthorne Heights

HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS Hawthorne Height's career has been pretty eventful since breaking out of Dayton, OH, with 2004's platinum debut, The Silence in Black and White, on the heels of MTV and VH1 airplay for the single, "Ohio is for Lovers." The 2006 gold follow-up, If Only You Were Lonely, debuted at #3 on the Billboard Album charts, producing the Top 10 Modern Rock smash, "Saying Sorry." On Nov. 24, 2007, the world of Hawthorne Heights was turned upside-down when they discovered the body of guitarist Casey Calvert on their tour bus, dead from an accidental mixture of prescription drugs. A long, protracted legal fight with their label was finally settled resulting in the release of last year's Fragile Future, a highly personal album that dealt in large part with the group's reaction to the death of their band mate. Hawthorne Heights now emerge from a self-imposed isolation with their eagerly awaited debut album for Wind-up Records, produced by Howard Benson (Three Days Grace, Daughtry, My Chemical Romance) at his Bay 7 Studios in Valley Village. The album is an unflinching look at what has brought them to this place, executed with a firm desire to make the best of what they see as an opportunity for renewal by expanding their musical palette.