Demonica T-Shirts and Apparel

DEMONICA is an American/Danish band playing blistering Old School Thrash Metal the New way. It's Brutal. It's Fast. It's Crushing! Relentless from top to bottom - Euro Class meets The Bay Area Thrash.

Featuring some of the world's most dangerous metal musicians, their first Album “DEMONSTROUS” includes 10 songs just waiting to be unleashed and played LOUD.

“We think all Metal fans will dig it”.Formed by Hank Shermann and Klaus Hyr, and joined by Craig Locicero, Mark Hernandez and Marc Grabowski, the album was recorded around the world and mixed by Dave Otero.

“It was a journey to make this album from start to finish”. Originating from the Bay Area, the Rocky Mountains and Copenhagen, Denmark
it's a Worldwide Metal Union!

The legendary riff masters from Forbidden and Mercyful Fate handle all guitars, while Mark Hernandez and Marc Grabowski keeps the rhythm in a tight grip, all topped with vocalist Klaus Hyr’s monstrous attitude. It’s Thrash Metal! It’s Serious!