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Heavy Metal Shrapnel Cassette

Andrew Lee

Andrew Lee’s - Heavy Metal Shrapnel Cassette

Andrew Lee's Heavy Metal Shrapnel is the solo brainchild of Andrew Lee (Ripped to Shreds), joined by fellow guitar shred maniac Alex Zalatan (Zealotry) on drums. HMS was born out of a desire to see gated drums and sleazy riffing return to the forefront of guitar oriented instrumental music. Andrew's unique fusion and neoclassical influenced soloing skills in the grimy death metal world garnered interest from a multitude of other bands, resulting in guest features on records by Mark Riddick, Fluids/Pharmacist, Dipygus, and more. Recorded on hot pink guitars, HMS delivers epic Tony MacAlpine-esque melodies floating over glammed up 80s riffs that are equally Dokken and Liege Lord, with a solid rhythm bedrock provided by Alex that is both deft and powerful, as well as a synth driven power ballad. Also showcasing solos by shredhounds Hagamoto (Bodies Lay Broken), Antoine Daigneault (Chtheilist), and Phil Tougas (Chtheilist/First Fragment/TSO).

For fans of : Tony MacAlpine, Vinnie Moore, Racer X, Dokken, Helstar, Jag Panzer
Manufacturer/Label: Productions TSO
Original Release Date: December 2021
Genre : Instrumental Heavy Metal/Shred

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